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SIZES: 13 - 15 - 17 - 19

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SIZES: 13 - 15 - 17 - 19

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Turbine 2018

• High-aspect shape favors power, efficiency and low-end performance 
• The “session saver” and a must-have for light wind locations 
• Feel like you’re flying with long, lofty airs 
• The most fun you’ll have on a light wind kite 
• Fine-tuned bridle helps with relaunching in low wind 

The Turbine is in a class of its own and can’t really be compared to any other kite. With a super high aspect ratio, this is about as close to a foil kite as you can get in a LEI format. We coined the term “throw it don’t mow it” with the Turbine years ago, and for good reason. With most large light wind kites, simply getting out on the water about all they’re good for. The Turbine is a different experience altogether. 

Turbine performance:
First and foremost, the Turbine is a high-powered shape with more pull per size than any other kite in our lineup. Steering speed is on the slow side (which is typical of all larger kites), but with power and efficiency on the upside, you get the same amount of pull from a smaller kite, which in turn translates to faster steering. The high aspect ratio performs like a wing in the air- jumps are long and lofty, loops are slow and deep through the window, pull is steady and powerful and the upwind drive and low-end efficiency is as good as you can get before transitioning to a foil kite. 

Package includes: 
      • Turbine kite
      • Turbine kite backpack
      • Emergency bladder repair kit
      • Quick-start guide

SIZES: 13/15/17/19